Jerry and Mary Linzy

Legacy Videos

The name tells the story-Randy Wheeler Legacy Videos. Randy Wheeler has combined his years as a consummate newsman with the desire of individuals and families to preserve, document, and tell their life’s story.

Sharing our family history, philosophy, faith, and so much more with our children and grandchildren through Randy Wheeler Legacy Videos was great fun. Randy is a master at making you comfortable and drawing you out.

Your story is illustrated with humor, drama, and poignancy. Indeed, Randy made the family history better than we remembered it! It was the greatest gift we could have given to the family.

Randy knows the right questions to ask. More importantly: He knows how to listen. The greatest gift you can give someone is when he or she asks you a question and truly listens to your answer. Visits with Randy cause introspection, reflection, and a backward look at the life choices you have made. And, the paths you have travelled. He begins at the beginning.

We commend Wheeler Legacy Videos to you without reservation. He is genuine, creative, and does what he says he will do.

If you are reticent about partnering with Randy to tell your life’s story, remember if Columbus had turned back, no one would have blamed him. But, no one would have remembered him either!

Jerry & Mary Linzy


Jerry A. Linzy

Executive Partner, Emeritus

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