Celina started her career with a healthcare internship in the marketing department. She has experience with the content and layout of websites as well as marketing different service lines through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Celina completed her Business Management and Marketing Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Kentucky. Celina knows how to best market your site and combine it with your social media to create a seamless transition between them. She is trained in Search Engine Optimization, which uses certain words in your content to make your website come up in a search organically. These skills plus more are what she brings to round out this great team.

Celina is also a trained and experienced Visual Observer for FAA Certified Remote “Drone” Pilots.  She is experienced with multiple drone types, pre-flight checklist, drone operation, FAA rules & regulations.

Celina handles the video production part of the business.  Celina has created videos in multiple formats for multiple reason.  From Facebook cover videos to complete real estate videos.  Once complete, she can deliver the video in several formats including flash drives,  YouTube, and other types of social media.

Celina’s Myer’s Briggs Personality Type is ESFP.  She is the “Cheerleader” of the group.  Her outgoing personality and creative spirit will find many ways to reach new customers.  Celina spends her days coming up with marketing strategies and finding, testing, and selecting the technology that powers progress.