Edward “Trace” Menser: Web Developer, Software Developer, and Cyber Transport Systems Specialist for the United States Air Force. Edward has grown up working with IT, and was mentored by his hometown school’s IT department from 7th grade to senior year. After high school, Edward enlisted into the United States Air Force as a Cyber Transport Systems Specialist (3D1X2), and his current occupation is a Network Integration Technician. He recently completed his Associate’s Degree in Electronic System Technology, and is pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in IT with a concentration in Software Development. Edward is also CompTIA Security+ certified. Edward brings a plethora of skills to the team, while supporting the network infrastructure of a 20,000 personnel DoD base.

Traces’s Myer’s Briggs Personality Type is INTJ.  Trace likes to think “Out Side of The Box” about what should be In The Box.  Then he makes the box.  Trace creates and develops the neat things you’ll love, but didn’t even know you wanted.  Trace can handle every aspect of your web presence; domain name, hosting, email, web development, social media,  search engine optimization and search engine registration..

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